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Memory Protection Devices offers a battery holder to replace* 6 volt lantern batteries using
four standard D batteries. Made of high impact plastic and nickel plated spring steel hardware, this holder is up to the jobs required by portable applications like barricade warning lights, flashlights, UV lamps, wildlife feeders and corrosion control equipment.

While many battery companies are discontinuing the 908 battery, the market for barricade lights is expanding, making this a very good time to examine our lantern battery replacement battery holder, P/N: BA4D-S. The BA4D-S also works in camping lanterns that use the MN908 or 529 batteries. Spotlights using the MN908 or 529 battery are another popular product, but as they tend to only be used infrequently the user could suddenly find their 6 volt lantern battery has expired, or that it is out of stock at all local stores, just when they need it most during a storm or other emergency situation. Also comes in 3 volt output version.

Using a battery holder that accepts four D batteries might make more sense for consumers as D batteries are often much easier to find than the MN908 and 529 lantern batteries.

Height × Width × Length: 116 mm × 65 mm × 65 mm
Contacts: Spring terminals and hardware are nickel plated spring steel. Positive near corner, negative in the center.
Plastic: High Impact Polypropylene.

*Replaces battery numbers MN908, PC908, 941, 944, 509, 1209, 529, 4LR25X,
Lantern, Lantern 6 volt, K767, ANSI-908A, IEC-4LR25

BA4D-S Lantern Battery Replacement

BA4D-S Lantern Battery Replacement

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